Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are H-1B workers taking minimum wage jobs in the U.S. for less?

Photo by Steve Rhodes
Guess What! The employment numbers in the United States are looking great! Care to wager why?

I walked into a Panda Express the other day and I saw not a single American worker. It was completely clear that English was their second language. There was a sign on the door that said "We're Hiring" too. This was Springfield, Illinois.

American students are still in school until the last week of May, what are they going to find when they get out? What will happen to the H1B visa workers who were temporarily hired? Well I think there are some differences in the pay work H1B visa workers and American workers.

If the State of Illinois passes a $15 per hour minimum wage hike, will business owners simply jump through the H1B loophole and hire outside workers at a lower rate, leaving Americans out of work?

It doesn't sound very patriotic, but since lawmakers seem willing to pass this law, it seems obvious that a huge loophole exists for business owners which they will execute and then laugh their asses off at unemployed Americans.

How much of the employment report put out by the DOL actually consists of foreign workers and are unemployed Americans even counted anymore? I wish I had time to find this out just now but I have to run off to a Lobby Day for Moms Demand Action this morning.

I'll just have to leave this here for now:

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