Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jobs held hostage by jobs board.

I thought I would get a good lead on jobs closer to my field of expertise by signing up at They consistently send me emails telling me they have a job that fits, but I have to go through this to find out? No thanks. I already have access to my credit report. I don't want to do this again because then I would have to pay for it.

Why are they doing this? What's in it for them? Are they [at] getting permission from you for them to look at your credit report? This is such a glaring over-reach of "customer service" it's plain to see the self-service at its core.

Of course if some company wants to get its greasy little fingers on my credit report they can do it themselves already without my permission.

Companies, by the way, don't want to look at your credit score, they want to see if you have potential wage garnishments. They don't want you to be a liability risk for them. A fast way to check behavior is to get an economic profile of a potential employee.

So once again we have another jobs board to avoid:

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