Thursday, August 20, 2009

Career Builder Employment Mine Field

I found a job listing for "Writers / Photographers - Springfield - freelance telecommute"

It's a position posted at for, supposedly a news organization that pays you for blogging and photography.

Job Overview
Employee Type: Part-Time
Industry: Art - Photography - Journalism Entertainment Internet - ECommerce
Manages Others: No
Job Type: Consultant Marketing Media - Journalism - Newspaper

I thought my dreams finally came true, but then I took one important next step.

I Googled the words "" and "ripoff". This is what came up: makes an ad asking you to contribute to their newspaper by writing and taking photographs and posting them online. They list themselves as part-time work.

I posted about 20 articles. I took the job
because I was excited to be offered a job at all so I didn't ask right away how much I'd be earning.

Later, I learned that you have to have 1000 clicks to even earn $10 and they don't pay you until you hit the 3000 click mark. After 20 articles, I only made $10, which they're not going to give me. is only taking advantage of people in a down economy to get free work done for them. I noticed later that many of the examiners only have about ten articles each themselves. Should've taken the hint.

Tempe, Arizona

So when you use there is a chance that an offer will be no better than if it were published on

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