Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Career Fair at Crowne Plaza

Again. It's today from 3 to 6. Why didn't I post this sooner you ask?

The same employers seem to be showing up every time. There is also a new development, but this new development dates back to England's 19th century. I'm talking about 'letters of recommendation.'

There was once written a tale, probably by Jane Austin, of a young man desperately seeking letters of recommendation from a powerfully rich but bitter and vindictive widow.

He desperately needed her help to get a position somewhere, and she used him to her heart's content, ultimately destroying him and others around him, so the plot goes.

Now the Illinois State Journal Register published a section in their newspaper for today's job fair. In this section there was an article written by Allan Woodson, Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

The article is titled 'Game Plan Strategy for Success at Job and Career Fairs,' the contents of which are the usual standards by which one should organize one's self for job fairs, but then, instead of just providing references, one now has to provide letters of recommendation!

It's certainly an improvement on the vetting process. It almost eliminates the need to do anything more that just sit at the booth and jawbone with your fellow recruiters.

To the recruiters: Do you really think I should just let you know who my friends are before we even have the first interview? I'm not that stupid.

Would you share your friends contact information with job recruiters who keep showing up again and again at job fairs? It's disturbing. Like seeing the same employer persistently advertising for workers week after week, month after month for the same positions.

Those are symptoms of employees leaving frequently.

Military recruiters are different. You can't go AWOL. They promote soldiers . I was a soldier. I was promoted five pay grades in four years, I also survived.

If you can handle the arrogance, contempt, scapegoating and incompetence, go for it. It's a meat grinder here in Springfield if you didn't grow up here, and you might come out smelling not-so-sweet.

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