Thursday, February 04, 2010

Legends of Lowes

When I first started working at Lowes in Mishawaka, Indiana, I met the Building Materials manager and he seemed okay.

About a month later he was gone, just wasn't there anymore. Well, it turned out that somehow, I don't know if this is just a legend or if it really happened, but I heard that he stole enough building materials to build an entire house from the ground up.

A few employees from the appliance department were caught selling appliances to themselves. I don't know how they could do this, but they would buy appliances on a credit card, then cart the appliances around the back and return them for cash. I'm not sure if they were really capable of doing this because Lowes has a policy of exchanging store credit for returns instead of straight cash.

I imagine the credit card companies could take steps to reverse charges on credit cards, but that would mean they wouldn't make a profit, so I assume they don't

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