Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sales jobs in Springfield, Illinois

If you are good at sales, you could come to Springfield and try your hand at it.

But I must warn you that you will probably not have much luck finding more leads for your company than it already has, because the only people around who have so much money that they may be persuaded to buy something they don't need have already been customers.

In fact, many previous customers are busy getting themselves out of debt around here. Face it, anything that doesn't sell itself and requires a sales person to push it isn't fit for the new economy we have today.

The last two big recessions occurred during a period of time when communication among the public was unprecedented. They were Zeitgeist changing recessions that will forever scar the prospects of high-pressure sales.

There are a lot of business models in Springfield that require sales people if you're interested, but don't be surprised if you're accused of being bad at your job and shortly fired.

The Internet has taken the job of pitch-man away. If you manage to find a good product and just happen to be the exclusive supplier, you are very lucky.

If you can build a website for your product or service and then buy advertising on popular search engines and social sites, you might have a shot, but everyone has their teenage nephew building their own websites, so don't think for a minute you'll get rich doing that for anyone else.

In Springfield, the same companies keep advertising for sales people again and again. They probably lose their sales people because they get scapegoated over lack of customers or bad products or services.

I suggest going back to school and getting into some kind of medical, financial or legal field.

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