Monday, January 24, 2011

President Obama to discuss jobs. What is a job exactly?

Despite the definition of "job" in the dictionary, a job is supposed to allow an individual to work a reasonable amount of time to provide food, shelter, and transportation for the individual.

Previous notions about work was that men worked to support himself, his wife, and as many children as his budget will allow. His wife had the responsibility to raise the children to be productive citizens.

In reality, wages are so low that both parents must work, and as a direct consequence, the children are raised to be unproductive members of society, socially inept with marginal labor skills or skills in areas where there are huge surpluses of workers. However, if your child wants to grow up to be a prison guard, there will be plenty of need for that.

What you want to hear from the president are words such as "independent," "entrepreneurial," "small business," "self-sufficiency," "equitable individual prosperity," and perhaps "efficient use of renewable resources."

If instead you hear about "jobs," you're being lead down the path of delusion that a job will result in prosperity, unless you work for the government, especially social services, because you want everyone else to be poor so you can keep your job.

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