Monday, November 29, 2010

Can you bring your computer to work?

An employee who has a lot of down-time was allowed to bring her laptop to work to alleviate boredom. One day she was logged on to the public wireless network on her laptop when someone brought her some extra work to do.

She logged onto the office computer and spent about four hours completing the assignment, but her laptop was set aside, still logged onto the public network.

Because she left her laptop logged on for four hours, the I.T. department reported that she was on the Internet for four hours. Because of this, management told her she couldn't bring her laptop to work anymore.

Who should be punished?

A. The person leaving the laptop logged onto a public network while doing work on another computer on a secure network?

B. Management for not making additional inquiries to determine the truth of the situation, instead of simply assuming that the employee was only on the Internet for four hours and not logged onto the office computer actually doing work during that time?

C. The I.T. department for cherry-picking only damaging information and using data to insinuate that the employee was wasting time on the Internet for four hours?

By the way, this really happened, but I'm withholding the name of the company.

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