Friday, November 27, 2009

New money making tactics emerge from Online Job Listing Services.

I always get infuriated with and when they incessantly force you through page after page of application forms for Online College.

It's like walking through a minefield, you must be careful and search for the tiny button that says "No Thanks," because if you don't you will be bombarded with emails and phone calls by people wanting you to enroll in their education or training program.

It becomes easier to find the "No Thanks" button, so they are starting to resort to far worse tactics. Holding your potential job hostage, by forcing you to register with a secondary job listing service before they will allow you to see the job description.

I was notified that I was matched with a job by I clicked on a link that I thought would lead me to a job, instead I was directed to a page of search results from The only way I can find out about that job is if I register with yet another job listing service that will SPAM me? No thanks.

My guess is is getting paid by for the redirected clients who register, then Hard2Hire is probably getting paid by their advertisers, who ever the hell they are.

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