Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Laid Off!

Sooner or later we all get laid off. It's a fact of life. GM is getting laid off by its customers, or lack thereof. What is happening to the millions of us who are getting laid off? We are actually accelerating the process by changing our habits. Which is good. It's about time.

Since gas prices went up really high, everyone started thinking about gas prices and they have not stopped. Many people changed their spending habits permanently because they know that gas prices, even though they are down now, will always climb higher.

I changed my habits too. No more will I buy brand name products. It turns out that off-brand or generic products are even better in quality than brand-names.

Aldi's stores were once the cheapest place to get groceries, and some are still cheaper than Shop-n-Save, but since last year they have discovered the Wal-Mart baiting tactic and raised prices on half or more of their most desirable products.

Another tactic is not putting prices on the product. County Market stores have what appear to be generic-like products that have only bar codes. I really like their Chocolate covered Bridge Mix. a sixteen ounce container costs over seven dollars, but you won't know it until you get to the register.

Time to stop the snacking.

I have to say that County Market has reasonable salads at the deli for around five dollars, but you need to make them last for more than one day to make them worth their price.

A day's worth of meals at McDonald's you might think will be more expensive than the grocery store, but the trick is being able to cook and refrigerate the food from the grocery store. When you add in the expense of having access to a refrigerator and a stove, McDonald's may be cheaper, if you stick to just one item.

You will need to carry water with you, so it might be a good idea to buy two bottles of water, then alternatively refill them at what ever tap you can find.

Always have an extra pair of clean dry socks somewhere.

I think we're in it for the long haul. Get whatever benefits you can, then hunker down and watch your wallet.

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