Thursday, August 20, 2009

Career Builder Employment Mine Field

I found a job listing for "Writers / Photographers - Springfield - freelance telecommute"

It's a position posted at for, supposedly a news organization that pays you for blogging and photography.

Job Overview
Employee Type: Part-Time
Industry: Art - Photography - Journalism Entertainment Internet - ECommerce
Manages Others: No
Job Type: Consultant Marketing Media - Journalism - Newspaper

I thought my dreams finally came true, but then I took one important next step.

I Googled the words "" and "ripoff". This is what came up: makes an ad asking you to contribute to their newspaper by writing and taking photographs and posting them online. They list themselves as part-time work.

I posted about 20 articles. I took the job
because I was excited to be offered a job at all so I didn't ask right away how much I'd be earning.

Later, I learned that you have to have 1000 clicks to even earn $10 and they don't pay you until you hit the 3000 click mark. After 20 articles, I only made $10, which they're not going to give me. is only taking advantage of people in a down economy to get free work done for them. I noticed later that many of the examiners only have about ten articles each themselves. Should've taken the hint.

Tempe, Arizona

So when you use there is a chance that an offer will be no better than if it were published on

Did U-Haul cleans house too?

The corporate strategy of laying off workers, creating a hazardous work environment due to understaffing that causes managers to quit, then rehiring a fresh batch of employees and managers seems to be a trend here in Springfield, Illinois.

U-Haul is now suddenly looking to fill the position of reservation manager, transfer driver, and two Customer Service Representatives. All at the 1032 Stevenson Drive.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did Staples Clean House?

It looks like suddenly a large number of positions have opened up at Staples in Springfield, including the General Manager!

I might be interested in working at Staples if there was a guarantee that the company does not periodically replace long term employees that got raises for cheaper entry level employees.

Unfortunately it appears to be a common practice with large national franchises that have no real interest in the quality of life of its employees away from corporate headquarters.

Or, perhaps companies hire students who must return to school in the fall. If that's the case, what are the odds of getting good customer service?

But seriously, would Staples really hire a seasonal General Manager?

Please let me know what happened!
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