Friday, December 04, 2015

Gun Violence is Gun Violence No Matter How You Define the Word 'Mass!'

The Patriot Post
Now keep in mind the difference in population between the countries listed.
A comparison between sources with different definitions of what is considered a mass shooting. Finally, without directly mentioning a correllation, the article alludes to economic conditions as a major driver of violence.

Washington Examiner
Same Talking Points as

NBC News
The Washington Examiner claims the press is citing but NBC is citing the F.B.I.

Gun Violence Archive
While the Right and the Left Quibble over the definition of 'mass shooting' and blame each-other for distorting facts, it just doesn't matter because gun violence is still gun violence.

Live Science
The CDC and NIH are banned from conducting research into gun violence.
The Left and the Right are accusing each-other of distorting the facts when it comes to mass shootings or mass murder, but it's still gun violence, so stop deliberately distracting us.

Mass shootings can be divided into five basic classes; foreign political agents, naturalized citizen sympathizers of foreign causes, religious zealots, revolutionaries and the mentally ill, I don't know where Ted Nugent fits in, but it's definitely one or both of the last two categories.