Friday, June 19, 2009

Springfield Clinic Online Application FAIL!

I just spent the last couple of hours at Springfield Clinic's website, filling out an online application. After all that work I had three options I could Choose.
"Save", "Submit", and "Close Application."

I thought it would be a good idea to click on "Save," How wrong I was.

It logged me out of the system. Naturally, I assumed that I could just log back into the system to submit my application.


It lost all of the information I entered. But why should I be so surprised? Springfield Clinic doesn't exactly have a sparkling history of immaculate record keeping anyway. Time to go somewhere else.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I might get a job soon

It looks like I might be getting a job soon. I've been unemployed since December 2008. In January I enrolled in the MBA program but my grades after the first semester were not good enough. It was difficult.

I took Economics and Accounting online. I was at my computer for six hours a day because there was so much work. I got really fat and weak. Now I might get a job where I can stand and walk around, and stay away from food for hours on end. It should be great!

I did manage to get a C in Accounting and a B in Economics. I don't feel like going through anything like that again.

The job pays minimum wage and I'll be working nights. The best thing to do is not drink a lot of coffee so your energy level evens out throughout the night. I'm told it's easier to find a job while you still have a job.

We shall see.