Friday, May 27, 2016

Robot Minimum Wage Workers

Business who happily replace minimum wage workers with robots probably won't need to worry about local tax increases needed to subsidize unemployment, low-income nutrition and housing programs. That comes out of the pockets of the franchise owners.

Businesses really have two choices: They can know to whom their money goes when they pay a living wage, or they can not know to whom their money goes by paying higher taxes.

They complain about government regulation and taxation, but they can't understand that they and their predecessors earned it through their avarice.

Now about Wendy's:

Friday, December 04, 2015

Gun Violence is Gun Violence No Matter How You Define the Word 'Mass!'

The Patriot Post
Now keep in mind the difference in population between the countries listed.
A comparison between sources with different definitions of what is considered a mass shooting. Finally, without directly mentioning a correllation, the article alludes to economic conditions as a major driver of violence.

Washington Examiner
Same Talking Points as

NBC News
The Washington Examiner claims the press is citing but NBC is citing the F.B.I.

Gun Violence Archive
While the Right and the Left Quibble over the definition of 'mass shooting' and blame each-other for distorting facts, it just doesn't matter because gun violence is still gun violence.

Live Science
The CDC and NIH are banned from conducting research into gun violence.
The Left and the Right are accusing each-other of distorting the facts when it comes to mass shootings or mass murder, but it's still gun violence, so stop deliberately distracting us.

Mass shootings can be divided into five basic classes; foreign political agents, naturalized citizen sympathizers of foreign causes, religious zealots, revolutionaries and the mentally ill, I don't know where Ted Nugent fits in, but it's definitely one or both of the last two categories.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Why I'm Incredulous of Polls and Union Endorsements

Article cites Bloomberg politics polls, not the rate of campaign cash donations.

Los Angeles Timmes
Union leaders seem to be ignoring their members cries for supporting Bernie Sanders

In These Times
Examples of grass-roots union support for Bernie Sanders

U.S. News
A Union President chose Hillary over Bernie because "we need to win."

Small donors are far from reaching their contribution limits, and they can donate again.

Open Secrets
Look how much cash Bernie Sanders has raised so far.
When I saw the headline at Fortune, I had to do some digging and sure enough, the media is relying on polling data, because after all, polls can tell you what you want to hear if you know who to ask.

Other media outlets are glomming onto the the counter-intuitive union endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who hasn't really been fighting for labor as much as Bernie Sanders.

One union leader said he personally loved Bernie but endorsed Hillary because he thought she had a better chance of winning, but the media and the union leadership cannot see the groundswell of support for Bernie coming from the rank-and-file.

It appears the media are presupposing a Clinton advantage based on the assumption that union leaders held a vote among the members. I couldn't find the rules for endorsing candidates, but The Daily Caller reported that Bernie and Hillary met with union leaders in a private meeting. which suggests that the rank-and-file union members don't have much of a voice in the matter.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Raising the Minimum Wage

I recently started a poll at Google+ asking "what if every minimum wage worker had an extra $7 per hour to spend?" It sparked a discussion about costs of doing business, inflation and potential reduction in employment.

I decided to collect some articles about it and I was not really surprised where the line was drawn on opinions and research "findings."

If you ever wanted to know which media source was liberal or conservative, looking up their opinions about raising the minimum wage is a glaring test.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


According to many of the stories collected here, things aren't selling so well. I finally had to stop collecting. There were even layoffs in Canada.

Many of the stories list "market conditions" as the primary reason for their cutbacks.

Newspapers are facing a more permanent evolution as they lose their readers to death by natural causes from old age, and migration to the Internet.

The price of cut lumber is dropping due to a surplus of construction materials. This indicates a potential slow-down in construction.

Even QVC is cutting workers at a distribution center in Pennsylvania, which may be an economic indicator of what's going in within the distribution range of that center.