Sunday, October 02, 2011

Teamwork? Really?...Really?

The memo came down the pipes and there's going to be a "Motivational Teamwork Seminar." It will be on Friday afternoon and you might get to go home early, hooray!

Teamwork? What the Hell is teamwork, really?

First of all, the after-glow of the teamwork sales pitch wears off when everyone starts doing their new tasks because they think their own tasks are more difficult than the tasks other team members. If the concept is allowed to fester in the minds of employees over the weekend, the concept will be more concretely followed starting on Monday.

• Teamwork is an excuse used by those who want to pass off their own responsibilities to others.
• The chief component of teamwork is the taking-up of another team member's slack.
• Teamwork is an opportunity for the crafty to be lazy, and the gullible to get all the work.
• The need for teamwork is a symptom of mismanagement.

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