Friday, June 04, 2010

The stupid economy.

Employees still on the job are earning more because they are working longer hours. Businesses are not willing to hire the employees necessary to get everything done that needs to get done during one shift. Consequently employees are leaving unfinished work for the next shift, skipping critical steps in procedures leading to such things as oh, perhaps explosions leading to massive oil spills, and employees are spending less due to exhaustion, at least I know I am exhausted I sleep off most of my free time.

The recent job increase was mostly due to hiring temporary census workers. Hungary was just added to the list of European countries in crisis, following Greece, Portugal and Spain, British Petroleum, in the process of preparing the leaking pipe for a new fitting, temporarily increased the flow of oil. McDonalds is recalling millions of Shrek drinking glasses that were printed with ink containing toxic Cadmium.

So the stock market takes another dump. Companies aren't willing to hire more workers because they anticipate no demand for more of their products, but they appear not to comprehend the link between consumer spending and employment. The businesses with the money are not willing to spend it to hire new employees which will in turn bring more money to the businesses. This shows that businesses are run by the stupid children of the founders of the businesses. Their unwillingness to make the necessary investment in employees demonstrates their stupidity.

This is why anyone who works for a company where there is clearly not enough people to get the work done properly, should just quit these stupid employers. That's what I did at U-Haul.

If you keep hearing the same lecture over and over again at the monthly meeting, the same complaint that certain things were not done, over and over again, it means that those tasks were not done because they were the least important tasks, and they were sacrificed for the sake of preserving the payroll budget.

If you have a manager that shrugs his shoulders and says "I don't have enough in my payroll budget to hire any more people," or your manager's boss pays one of his own employees from the same payroll budget for filling in for a missing employee, and pays that person more per hour than the other employees, it's time to qut.

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