Friday, April 09, 2010

Unemployed college graduate?

I don’t know if I can be of much help because I too have a college degree but found no gainful employment here in Springfield Illinois. I wonder if employers are looking at my resume and asking “why does this guy want to work in Springfield?” The only shelter I can afford is here, living with relatives.

I have a BA in Communication from UIS. Unlike the popular myth of previous generations, I found that we must make it entirely on our own, without depending on employers. The problem is financing a business start-up and creating a plan without spending money and time on an MBA degree and I suspect that you don’t want that either.

I’ve been struggling for so long that I’m beginning to doubt my own capabilities. I’m almost ready to stop treading water and just sink into the dark abyss forever.
Is there hope? The landscape is full of people like us, people who were raised and taught to be expendable drones for entrepreneurs. When we get laid off we wind up in the line at the unemployment office.

Recently I saw advertising for a school promoting construction work training. Why would schools promote such a field when the real estate market collapsed? Simple economic answer - the more laborers you have with a specific skill, the cheaper the cost of that labor.

Now, there are so many unemployed college educated and technically trained people in the United States that they come cheaper than the economy allows them to survive. Note that when I say "the economy" I'm referring to some arcane and subjective formulas created by certain individuals who were proclaimed "economists" by the industrialists for which those formulas were custom fit. While taking a college course in economics I attempted to apply the basic formulas to real world scenarios, and guess what, they don't work in the real-world. They are meant to confuse and befuddle the undereducated working class, nothing more.

One problem is that we let employers believe that we want to work for them instead of compete with them. We submit our resumes and grovel at their feet for scraps while they sit on their majestic thrones and look down on us with contempt.

You can look at the dos and don'ts at or to see all the tricks, hoops and self-flagellation you must endure to demonstrate absolute loyalty to someone who will inevitably drop you from the roll the second the ink turns red.

You may have a part-time job right now, but you know that you can't afford to work that job because it's a rut in the trail toward a cliff your wagon cannot escape. If you stay there you will simply get deeper into debt until you have no choice but to give up absolutely everything, and the odds are increasing monthly that we will all wind up in government work camps set up by FEMA.

We must draw a line in the sand by making a list of our living expenses and comparing that to net income. If your working but losing money, tell your boss you can't afford to work there and leave.

We, the unemployed professionals need a gathering place where we can organize into a working competitive structure. If you have any ideas, please respond by leaving a comment at the end of this blog.

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