Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Sting of Outsourcing:

The Entrepreneurial Ghost that was once the spirit of American Superiority in Information Technology (IT).

The ghostly wail of the American Information Technology Entrepreneurial Spirit is echoing down the vast dark catacombs below the lighted world of a market dominated by skills harvested from low wage countries with low living costs and where governments fully subsidize education in technology and medicine.

Corporations want the best of both worlds. They want money from Americans but they don’t want to pay Americans wages. So they systematically drain America of it’s currency and complain about a “Skills Gap” while at the same time they make no guarantees that they will keep any Americans employed long enough to retire.

If you complain about there not being enough IT people, why don’t you find the thousands that were laid off in the late 1990s? What do you think your chances will be?

Nobody wants to have anything to do with it. Why should I get training in information technology if my job is constantly at risk of beings outsourced? Why should you expect your children to be interested in the types of careers their parents lost? Why should any self-respecting American be interested in starting a domestic business related to information technology?

Competition is a grave digger for patriotism. When enough of them open their wallets and find no more cash to exchange for love and respect from their children, Americans will finally wake up and it will be too late.

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