Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is your business on the precipice of extinction?

• Is tension in the office getting thicker and thicker?
• Is the boss yelling more frequently?
• Are more customers complaining about being ignored for more than just a few days?
• Are previously nice customers becoming beligerant and refusing to pay what they owe?

It may be a sign that the business for which you work is faltering, perhaps its' going the way of the horse-drawn carriage lantern maker, or buggy whip manufacturer. One needs only look at the products one is selling.

Does it have anything to do with paper or ink? If so, you could be in serious trouble because you are part of a business that destroys trees and creates toxic waste in the form of plastic machinery parts.

Imagine a big pile of worn out gears, belts, rollers, ink cartridges, and used paper.

The word is printed on paper no more. Businesses of such folly are indeed on the precipice of extinction, but they look backwards and choose to ignore the truth.

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